Winter Maps

Probably my last day fishing, but the frost was so thick on the way up here today, I was thinking what if we had “winter” weather for a map or two?

Covered in snow and super easy to lose traction.

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We had winter maps before, during Xmas/New Year event. And one with Ravagers. They were covered in snow and ground vehicles were experiencing difficulties with traction on ice.

ya it would be nice.
i’ll add these links.

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More maps are always good, but Don’t we have a permanent winter map already? The one with the bridge in the middle and the one capture point at the end? The one all covered in ice :wink:

If we had links to when people originally suggested this it would be in a post in the old forum in year one of the game. :kissing_heart:

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yes it’s in the link. :kissing_heart:

They did that last winter. While also nerfing wheels and wheeled vehicles’ handling, and buffing hovers. The idea was to cultivate a preferred class of players, i.e., hover users. To show new arrivals that if they spend some money and get hovers, they’ll have an advantage over ‘land lubbers,’ and will be well taken care of by the developers.


  • Increasing the altitude of the Icarus VII so that ground clearance was some 7 blocks (I don’t remember if the IV was similarly affected),
  • Increasing the Icarus VII’s top speed to 95 km/h (now reduced to 90 km/h),
  • A 50% grip nerf to ST wheels (now reduced to a 25% nerf, IIRC),
  • Changing the way inertia worked in wheeled vehicles, especially in the rear, which severely messed up handling (later, the strength of that effect was greatly reduced, as if admitting a mistake),
  • The Radiance brawl - with the grund covered in snow and ice, where hovercrafts had a big advantage over wheeled vehicles,
  • Changing a few maps to a winter weather, by adding snow and ice, which greatly impaired the handling of wheeled vehicles.

All these changes taking place at the same time made it obvious they were intended as a nod and a wink at hover users. Because why else would they reduce the grip of ST wheels, and add that weird inertia effect, while we were supposed to drive on snow and ice? Woudl’ve been a weird coincidence.

Because you were using hovers 39 days ago, I guess you’d welcome some winter weather. :wink:

Weather and sunsets would at least make the maps we have more interesting and feel a little less repetitive. Although, it might seem odd to see snow and palm trees in the same areas, so I can’t see snow being a commonality for all maps.

More maps, please.

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It’s worth remembering that before the 2.0 update, many wheeled players were complaining about too much traction making it difficult to drift and use controlled skids to do sharper turns.
The 2.0 update made wheels slippery again, although many felt they became too slippery.
Personally, I think wheels are now good on normal surfaces, but that they dialed up the sliding too much for ice, sand, and rainy maps.
They also increase the effect of mass balance on wheel traction, which means that vehicles that are rear heavy have lots of oversteer, and vehicles that are front heavy have lots of understeer.

I do not believe the handling changes were intended to buff hovers, but I do agree that many players find it hard to drive wheeled builds. It takes a lot of practice, and then you have to relearn with every update.

We do have weather and different times of the day for lighting.
Or were you just saying it’s good that we have that?

Isn’t that only available for certain maps? I don’t think I recall ever seeing Old Town in the dark, for example, nor do I recall seeing it rain at The Bridge. It seems like to me that only certain maps have this feature (weather, day/night).

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You might be right, but I have never tried to keep track.
The nighttime maps only seem to happen rarely, and the same with the rain.
And it does seem like the sand maps never rain or get dark.

Well, I do like the feature (rain, night), and I’d like to see more of that…and a doubling of the size of the Adventure map (at least) with more Ravager spawn during bleak weather or night fall.

I heard they removed the alternate lighting conditions available at the home range (farm), and some of the other trimming of code seems to suggest a lack of server functionality.

If only we could get Elon Musk addicted to Crossout, maybe he’d make a contribution to getting their servers updated.

Wouldn’t a light/weather setting be processed locally on the PC or Console? I’m pretty sure things like weather don’t have to do with the servers unless it is just telling your devise what weather to play, and that would be minimal data.

It makes more sense that they removed light features from the farm to promote people to buy premium garage maps.

I would pay for the Halloween garage theme with the spiders in it we had a few years ago. That was my favorite ever.

I’m a sucker for Golden Hour from sunrises. I love the orange and red lighting from the sun during those times. It would be cool if we had cool looking clouds.


Seems like it ought to be, for the Farm at least, but for PVP/PVE maps maybe it isn’t, but IDK. I would think that maps were almost entirely sourced from the console or PC, which begs the question: why so few maps? And, why do I get the same map over and over?

Interactive maps would have to be linked to the server so everybody sees the same thing happening, like the Bridge collapse or falling tower, for example…right? IDK.

If they’d offer a Farm expansion (sell me the lot next door) with weather and sunsets, and maybe a secluded Ravager nest, I might go for that, but I doubt they would offer that for a reasonable price even if they did.

I take it you weren’t a twitter user?
Elon has pretty much destroyed that expensive purchase by randomly unplugging servers and firing all the engineers who kept it running.
I hope he stays far away from Crossout.

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Yes, but it only sends data to trigger the event.

FYI - I used to be a map designer for a game company in my late 20’s

Seems like a lot of the time when features are removed, it’s because they aren’t happy with how they are working, and want to fix them.
Unfortunately, fixing things can take years sometimes.

This forum is the only social media I use.

yes please.
the thing is i always support the winter themed maps because they are so cool looking. but dont get your hopes up much. it seems they only do winter themed stuff in december or near to christmas. i havent come across the winter map in pve yet either. can anyone confirm this is in pve?

i really want more maps. if anything id love a winter themed adventure mode map but seeing as how they threw the regular adventure mode in the scrap heap (teeheehee) i doubt we will get anything like it.
i wanted a permanent winter themed garage to but i doubt thatll happen.
heres hoping though, i love winter themed stuff.

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