Beware of new market bot on pc!

I created support ticket to gaijin about this issue but decided to warn everyone. There is a player going by the name of poharon that spends an impossible amount of time flipping and doing nothing else. I have been flipping on the market for years but have seen nothing like the past 2 weeks and it is all from the same player. This player earned about 30 epic buy and sell patches alone in 1 week which equates to about 450 epics(not even including legendaries). This player has been around for a while and with a history dating back to 2020 or 2019 but randomly decided to start flipping recently I guess. Even tho he has less market patches than me this player however is earning them at an absolute impossible rate.
If this player keeps that rate up he will surpass the amount of patches in 2 weeks in what took me years to earn. I got lots of recorded footage to even monitoring the timing of his updates and the slowest update he does is in a range from 30 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes so he must be using some kind of randomizer. This player does nothing else, I got recorded footage of this player being logged on for 3 days straight doing nothing but flipping even during dead hours. The guy don’t sleep and I say he only logs off once in a while to avoid suspicion to his new scheme.

I updated this post with a video explaining the situation.

and another one

Third video is here

Part 4


Posting here is not going to help.

I would report this, seems like he is running a bot.

Should be easy enough for them to tell, BUT the coins are most likely long gone. They can’t really get the coins back once they are transferred to someone else.

I reported it but it is gonna take a long time before they gets back to me judging by this. When I made the ticket about my bugged levi they were replying in 1 week intervals so it is probably even worst now.

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Try report to this link…Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty

Mind you…I did do trades on the market at all hours at some point. There are 20 buy, offer we can use before we log off. So, some of them trades could take place when a player is log off from the game.


I will try that link later. I knew about it before but forgot all about it. I have been monitoring this player for 10 days recording everything. I have a mountain of evidence against this player and this is most probably some kind of bot. I am no newb to the market I have about 155 epic patches plus 95 legendary patches and I have never encountered anything I suspected as a bot until now. Overall the market is 99.9% legit but there is this one bad apple that popped out of the blue recently that is ruining it.

How tf you got 10 days to monitor this? You coulda build a patio extension on your house or some shet xD


PC market is beyond fixing to the point that a bot or two won’t make any difference, it’s all a big pile of incovenient poop to the player either way, bots or no bots

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I am in the same boat as a lot of other crossout players, I am unemployed. My fulltime job is crossout.

The market is pretty legit and have been for a long time. It is only one bad apple that came around recently that I think is almost certain to be a bot. If bots were that rampant on the market I wouldn’t be making the coin I have been gutting from the market for the past year.

um not really…

So about about 44 to 45 sells orders came down in a matter of minutes plus 13 buy orders?

I updated this post with a video explaining how I came to conclude that this player is using a bot.

Things I have notice and must point out.
This account play CW only. You said you are on Crossout full time. That means there are others can be too.
As for trading Epics and even Legendaries. There are trade Trials to unlock and banners and background to unlock. Heavy trade on Epics and Legendaries paints and stickers cost hardly any coins. Some Decors are the same. For a CW only stage account, I am sue it has more coins than more players. Seems to me the player is unlocking the trade missions.


This seems like the smartest answer yet.

Agree, also i didnt check his account myself. But there is always possibility he bought packages also to achieve trade missions/achievments too. Anyway he seems to have rich account(at least first day of video investigation shows so), so doing things like this, sounds like he just have fun making achievments.

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If you payed close attention to my computer clock in bottom right he played clan wars on the 8th and in the video when I was scrolling thru his play history it was the 10th and there he is still doing nothing in the lobby. That means he ain’t played for a full 2 days just sitting in the lobby. I also got pics and video stacked up where he went a 5 day stretch just sitting in the lobby doing absolutely nothing besides flipping but I wanted to keep the vid short and brief but I got way way more proof than that, too much actually. Don’t let the clan wars thing fool you like I said this player only started flipping very recently and it had to be with the help of computers. I have been flipping for a long time and at the rate this player is going is simply not possible. If he keeps this rate up he will be at 1800 epic patches in 1 year and he probably would be earning more than that if it wasn’t for competition from me. Too put that into perspective I got 153 epic patches and I am a juggernaut market flipper. I got more patches than 99% of players.

edit: It is july 11th at the moment and he has now gone gone 3 days without playing still sitting and doing nothing in the lobby earning market patches at an impossible rate.

He is also doing it all at a profit because the items I sold/bought from him had huge roi’s that I was trying to flip and make money off too, and he got a trademark bid where he out bids by .02 coin instead of the usual .01 coin. I also know he ain’t on the paints/decor because I flip paints/decor and I don’t get much competition on that. This player only bids on mains items with a positive roi and he is mainly on your main epics like weapons, wheels, cabs and modules. Even if he was on cheap paints/decor there is not enough traffic to earn patches at any where close to the rate he is earning them. I have a full 40 trade slots open at some points so I know exactly what he is on. This player is not putting himself thru the agonizing torture of spending 20 hours a day going clickity click with the mouse nonstop without taking a bathroom break to unlock trade missions all he got is dollar signs in his head.

How many market sales and purchases do you have? Im curious.

For epics I have 153 buy patches plus 143 sell patches. For legendaries I have 38 buy patches plus 94 sell patches. I have way more legendary sell patches because I use to craft a lot of blueprint/storage space and sell them afterwards back in the day. I also took a 2 year hiatus from the game and never picked it up again until may of last year.

No, under the main player tab, it says how many total items youve bought and sold. What are those numbers?