BOT Balance 🤪

get rid of hurricane and mandrake Bots…
you got rid of melee harvester bots,thanks for that…
now give us the same bots on each team so it’s fair…
thanks :+1:


Agree +1



There are simple ways to make many bots perform better. Rework the priority order. RN it’s cannons>pewpew>drones>melee. That’s why every bot with melee+something else will expertly dodge opponents instead of meleeing them. It should be cannons>melee>pewpew>drones.
To continue with the “done in 5 seconds” changes that would drastically improve bots, Rapiers, Storms, WWs and Stillwinds at least should be treated like cannons and not pewpew. Bots go circle-strafing at 5 meters with those, and can’t hit crap due to the slow rotation.
A last, very small change, would be to change the drone behavior so that it waits 1s before unloading instead of dropping drones the moment its target gets in LoS. Simply because cabs are higher than turrets, and those bots will systematically drop turrets that can’t shoot because they’re hidden behind a hill or wall. A small delay would let them get close enough to actually do something with their weapons…

As far as parts changes that would improve many bots go… Lots of slow-turning pewpews like the plasma emitters would greatly benefit from an Oppressor. Same problem than ACs really, bots don’t do well when they drive donuts with slow-turning weapons.

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:point_right:it’s only fair :point_left:


look at the bots ps on the enemy team in this match i just had… :crazy_face:

7k on one side and 9k on the other, seems fair :slight_smile:

Those must be from the same group of bots for that PS mix and it picks them at random.

Edit - after looking at it a little more this does seem fair. It looks like the game was trying to balance the PS on the teams.

The bad thing about this is the PS of bots does not translate exactly to skill.

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ya this more of a match making thing,but i drink alot :crazy_face:

i did notice they started with the 9568 on my team and went from there,gave us one bot in 9k and one 8k mate.
the other team has one 7k.
i can see why players get frustrated with the mm.
this is a good example of how mm works when there is not enough of one ps the fill…
but the 9k vs 7k bots? devs really need to fix mm so bots are the same on both sides…even ps scores.
after all…they are just bots… :rofl:

I have been thinking about this a little and I’m not sure it is simple as you think.

It seems easy in practice to give both teams even PS bots.

But unless the players PS are also balanced it might make it even worse. The current system is not perfect for sure, but it looks like it might be trying to even the PS playing field.

I think you’re describing how the matchmaker actually works:
I’m pretty sure that the matchmaker primarily cares about matching the overall PS of the teams, rather than caring much about the individual player PS.
It seems to be able to use bots to try to get the total PS close to equal, so if there aren’t many players close together in PS, it will start mixing in bots with PS that seems far away from the player PS to get the teams closer.

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Exactly - that is why putting the same bots in each team would be even more unfair.

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So many times I have seen the Mandrake Bot fire directly at the structure above it’s vehicle until it is dead? How difficult could it be to add a line in the code to fix that? More proof the Devs don’t spend much time playing the game.

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Welcome Kavlow!

And agreed.