Let's See Those Paints!

Yeah, most greens in the game do suck pretty bad. You can get this one but it’s competition based again:

I used to be really into paints, but after realizing that I’ll never have either of the two paints I really really want (KITT and Shimapan) I’ve put collecting paints on hold, other than sometimes being able to nab something neat for super cheap. Anyways my collection is nothing special, just some market/pack paints and some free ones and a few event ones

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Gotta get in on those competitions for Shimapan… but they seem to have slowed on the competition front

where you find that carbon mint??

There was some free pack that offered a choice between getting the carbon mint + lemon smoke paint, or the siren horn and some other decoration

I am not sure if it works anymore, did they do something about free packs at some point so things like pewdipie paint and jelly paint became unavailable? I could be wrong, but it should be somewhere in the

aaaahhh, yeah. I’ve gone through those and was able to get a couple things but I think I missed the boat on carbon mint, oh well. Thx for checkin back on it.

A couple new paints for me…

Broken Heart


…a brown Warg

Sweet candy

Dont have sweet candy. Its 3k and no offers right now.

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I’d assume the candy paint is going to be int he latest event pass which goes live on Monday or at least that would make sense to me

Yeah im not really sure how all that works but you’re probably right.

I just know i want it…

Saw this one pop up on the market with no sellers yet. Is this brand new or an old paint coming back? You think it will be in a st. Paddy’s day pack…anyone got any info on this one?

Oh yeah…you can craft Purple pixel again in the engineers secret workshop for the next 9 days if you watch twitch drops and get cartridges. Only takes 3.

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Dang it dude! You have more paint than Sherwin Williams paint company! :drooling_face:


and I own even more now, muhahaha


I hope some day I will be able to have :pleading_face:another chance at the green chrome! Not sure why I have an obsession for it, But its just plain ole cool :sunglasses:

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im just sitting here and wishing we could sort the paints by color shade and pattern…I could stare at that all day long.

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I second that !

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Any sorting would be great… I have over 250 paints and my most used is White sun… 2nd from last…


Anyone know what the swamp mimesis paint is?
Or Minmensis or something like that, there’s like 3 cars in the exhib with it, it’s a cool black/green frog skin looking paint

I am guessing it’s unobtainable for normal players one way or the other, but it’s also very cool and never seen it before

I ran across that in the exhibition yesterday. Cool paint

Potential employer: “So it says here on your resume that you collect art in your spare time.”

Potential employee: “Yes, it’s been a hobby of mine for the past 6 years. I must have spent thousands of hours on it.”

Potential employer: “That’s alot of spare time. What sort of art do you collect?”

Potential employee: “I collect cans of virtual paint that I find in the wasteland.”

Potential employer: “I see. Ok, well, we’ll give you a call in a few days to confirm our hiring decision.”

Rrrr-rrrr-rrrr sound as another resume meets the shredder.



LMAO Good one ! :joy: :rofl: