PC..Nerf Bots already.make players part of this game Again


I was thinking the exact opposite today.

I was watching bots do dumb stuff and I thought “I wish the dev would make bots smarter”


yes smarter not shooting at walls or when under a mountain…
but bots should be less painful and let players play…
when we are engaged with a player and a bot is killing you from behind with op hp and dps,it kinda takes the fun away really fast… :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:
in the end= bots should be HALF the DPS and Half the HP of REAL Players…
they are Just Fill ins


Bots are both super OP and very very stupid. IDK how the devs managed it… I have a collection of over a dozen clips from matches showcasing why bots need a rework or just outright removed from the game. I plan on posting them once I hit 20 clips.
One of my many big gripes is when they steal kills and points from you in a game that is already stingy enough with giving you points.


bots just need a major rework, their accuracy needs to be nerfed and their logic/ pathfinding needs to be improved


I don’t think the problem is with your bot, but with you, you’re actually just a bot

:sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

I disagree here.

I wish they played more like players.

Im baffled. Bots arent hard to beat. Are we playing different games or something?


how did people fail that much against bots… bots, those things are easily disarmed and disabled. don’t tell me every single player only focused cab drilling… wow.

I agree wth Monkey, and regularly see scoreboards like the one you showed. I genuinely think it says more about the players’ skill than the quality of the bots AI. I’m here since 5 years, and the average skill level in XO’s PvP has done nothing but go down.

In case some people are still clueless after all this time (They tried to cap Rock City for 3+ years before realising half the map is pointless lol), bots need to go down first. Group around your bots, desdtroy the enemy ones. Especially the BS ones like Trigger bots. “But players are more dangerous” Yeah go tell that to the two folks with two digit scores while Emma and Kenneth racked 2800 pts combined.

to be clear…
players when busy fighting players(some not knowing bots are there) or just avoiding them will be targets of bots…
that’s why bots need to be toned down a bit.
some bots when left alone can kill you in seconds.
no one can say other wise… :upside_down_face:

Still disagree.

Players should have enough battlefield awareness and treat bot positions just like real players.

If your getting shot by a bot while your fighting another player then you didn’t pick the right moment or position/angle of attack.

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plot twist: you are the bot.

If you have to pick between a dual Trigger bot, and a dual Trigger human player, who do you aggro first? Because let me tell you, 99% of the time the dual trigger bot is going to be 5 or 6 times better than the average XO human player.
If you’re getting demolished by a cannon or laser bot while fighting some ugly ass isotope gree van with mismatched weapons, you picked the wrong target/moment/position, period. Should have focused the bot rather than the useless human, or picked a cover, or whatever. “They deal too much damage when you stand there with your buttcheeks spread” isn’t an argument when you can perma lock cannon bots simply by peeking out of cover with a decent timing lol.

I know this is hard to swallow because we all know the bots are dumb af, and don’t want to admit we are collectively and on average dumber. Well… I’m telling you, we are. Except the 120 kmh bots who rush to death, your average bot is more dangerous than your average player. Babysit your bots, focus the enemy ones, win. Simple.

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I don’t want to fight bots, I’d rather they begone.

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i always go for the bots first if i can ‘depends on the map’ i don’t want to be shot by the whole team while trying to disarm a bot.

before the match starts i chat to my team how many bots there are and ask them to focus on them.
it doesn’t work all the time.

it’s more of my team then me.
i usually find myself swearing at the screen “why didn’t anyone disarm these bots”.
PC bots are op :crazy_face:

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Good strategy (^:

I usually try to slow down some really powerful bot then babysit it through the game. I’m not sure why people complain about the lack of teamplay in PvP, I play in team with my bots. At least they don’t drive away at 120kmh leaving you in a pinch the moment you look in the other direction (^:

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mvp bots,always fun,not op at all :money_mouth_face:

Yeah but look how worthless the other team was, the highest player only got like 800pt.


thats the games trickery, we beat that horse to death already,if the game wants your team to lose-you lose.
i should of had 1k + . but matches are all over the place,some very low or very high,it’s the game doing this.
why even say such a thing :disguised_face:

same mace shotgun build…stupid high score :crazy_face:

*This Topic is about Making players part of this game…not bots.

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