Questions about the new rarity

We know that the existing production steps are:


If, as is customary, a new rarity is added between epic and special it would look like this

CommomRareSpecial(New Rarity)EpicLegendaryRelic

I’m well aware that this will affect the time it takes to make it above rarity (starting with epic), so how about this, as I’d like to do it in the following way

——————————— ↓
————————— (New Rarity)

This will not disrupt the original order,Please write down your views

Adding “special rarity” was a big mistake.

The dev team only did this to make things more expensive and less obtainable.

When they added that rarity we even had Devs post on the old forum trying to promise that this would not affect the market price…

Well they lied.

A new level will just make it worse.


could this have been added to any of these threads


Please think about the reasons for this, rather than blaming it directly on the new rarity.Why would there be price changes when we ensure that the construction time and cost of the original item remains the same?

alternatively they could just give us toned down epics as special tiers we only have 1 special rocket launcher ,
zero special grenade launcher , 1 special energy weapon, zero special crossbow , no special flame weapons , no special minelayers
then theres cabins 3 special cabins in total

i want to see a special combat laser to pair with the pilgrim

i feel like that should be addressed before adding another tier to sit mostly empty

what about special weps that scale more you use them, to trigger bonus perks? That can be sold once leveled all the way up?

BUT there is NO way to fuse these particular guns. make it so they have to be used a LONG time to level them. they they can sell in packs that skips the whole leveling part of it?

If the old system is not changed, the new rarity will be more attractive and the new rarity is essentially designed to put [abilities with the same energy consumption] in a new position, which will be exciting

I don’t find anything attractive about adding a new rarity just for the sake of a new rarity. Be it inline or parallel crafting it creates more issues then it solves. Price increase changes would come from still workbench costs, tax, and any resource additions to the item costs required in the recipe.

Most of the weapons already mesh fairly well end to end in PS. I’d much rather see them fill gaps where weapons and items that are non-existent could be put in. Finish up specials rarity and fill in legendries. Even after filling those in there is still room for additional items that fall in-between being placed in the closer of two rarities.

where is the downvote button?


What are you afraid of?It seems that the special caused too much impact

It’s more like the opposite. Special didn’t cause enough good impact. There’s no reason to repeat it.

What I mean is

I think special category was a good idea, but badly implemented. New update has helped that situation, but took too long and didn’t go far enough.
I did an experiment a while back making all-special builds, and they worked fine in their PS. And it’s a fun range to play in. With the cabin changes it should be better.

No matter how many times you spam the same topic it will always be a shit idea

Can we… not repost the same threads multiple times when they fail to get any traction in the community?

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I would like to hear what you think will be the bad consequences of the new rarity, not the bias against the new rarity due to the previous special extended line

Once again, if we make the new rarity and epic all with specials, this will ensure that the original line doesn’t change, it’s just adding a new branch

Okay so quickly: we don’t need devs investing time in more filler content. We do not need a new MG between Sinus and Spectre, nor do we need a new turret cannon between Hulk and Fatman, etc. All that dev time spent on more of the same content would be lost. Just more grind to play more of the same stuff.


A rarity only represents the ability level of a weapon, it does not limit the type of weapon, if we want a new weapon type we can put it on any rarity, it’s just a matter of durability and damage,Also, you think too many of the same type of weapon is bad, and you should be more against people who want to fill up the tech tree

As I read it, you’re just asking for a new “tier” that is basically epic but green, and that leads nowhere in terms of crafting. Why? What is the point? Do we really need a green tier that bad? Is it your fav colour?

I really don’t see any reason to go for it. Not a single one.

If a new rarity emerges, people will take extra interest in it compared to the existing rarity on