* R.I.P. Crossout 'unnecessary changes' 😢


If only Targem was a quarter as cool as Ozzy :skull:

edit: Damn, that was at least a f4 tornado, and he kept singing. What a trooper.


This new patch is awesome.

I agree. It’s more money and time of my life to spend on music. Can’t say no to that.


Gawd, I love Ozzy; the most honest writer to ever smith heavy metal. I salute his wife also, for managing his career so well, and never turning him into a commercial clown, but acing that end of the industry (branding/publicity) for him anyway, without turning him into Disney-pop like so many of the others are all across the music industry.

Gawd, I love Ozzy.


thats not all true…she wanted a concert to have bubbles…but ozzy said 'the prince of darkness don’t have bubbles…
true story…look it up …fun fact.


At least she let him say no…She did let him say no, right? I’ll have to look it up.

They made Justin Bieber perform in a plexiglass box like a rat or a zoo animal, and what they did to some of the others is even worse.

I know they had their own reality TV, but I don’t think it ever made Ozzy out to be anything he wasn’t, I’m not aware of it making a fool out of him…or rather, any fool he isn’t actually is, and has written plenty of songs about being.

Ozzy has always been buck-naked level honesty, IMO, and that’s what I like about him. He could be a dumb-ass, like we all are, and just own it, rather than shrink from it. He’s had to own quite a lot of dumb-ass shizz, too…so again, I salute his wife for dealing with it all so well, and him for keeping it real, and for filling the sound-track of my youth with honest and talent driven music…and some cool images to hang on my wall and in my head too.


Lmao I can imagine Ozzy sobering up for a second just to decline the goddamn bubbles.


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“No Sharon, we can’t give them free bubbles, they have to join a clan and sacrifice 666 black goats first!”



XO devs be feeling like when you got drunk out of your mind the night before, and you wake up to your phone telling you you have 47 messages and 8 missed calls.


So if something is wrong with the patch? What is it?

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No balance patch
No reconnect feature
No crossplay
No more weeklies
More strafing parts
More crafting events that require uncraftable items
Even the banner is recycled content
It sucks


I compare him & his generation of heavy metal to everything that came after about 1995, and there’s no comparison. The newer guys are all trying to be harder/faster/badder/darker/heavier… and it’s all an act. Pretenders to the Oz.

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I’m here to throw some fire on both subjects at once!!

I’m liking the new update (played about 30 minutes today).

And, let’s not forget the very unnecessary change to Black Sabbath.

Let’s be real now, it’s good music but they shoulda just renamed themselves. I had NO idea that Ozzy wasn’t the singer when I popped this album in and was like… wtf??


I must confess there’s exactly one non-Ozzy Sabbath song I care for (Heaven and Hell). The rest is just whatever, I’d rather listen to Ozzy’s solo projects - but I don’t because there’s like 9 albums of Sabbath with Ozzy UwU

Listened to Dehumanizer again, after a solid decade… I just don’t really hear much Black Sabbath in it shrugs.


to what? ‘DIO’ :crazy_face: lots of bands do this (van halen with sammy hagar ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
accept,iron maiden an so on,i like it if the singer is good.cheers!

it’s the band that holds rights to name,i still call this band ‘van hagar’ when i hear sammy singing :rofl:

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Anthrax had a really good singer in Jon Bush or whatever his name was. Those were the best songs they did, IMO (blasphemy for Anthrax fans). But, you know… someone with actual skill kinda makes music more enjoyable to me. :rofl: :crazy_face: :clown_face: